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Life Story Behind the Agritourism

In this particular video Mr. Pandurang Taware sir sharing overall life story and sharing personal experience from childhood to become Father of Indian Agritourism & Now a days How farmers sons are going away from their traditional livelihood Village life and agriculture and scope of agritourism

Pandurang Taware (Father of Indian Agritourism) who founded solution for increasing incidence of farmers suicide with the help of Agritourism Development Corporation.

One day Pandurang Taware saw an article on farmer’s suicide and then he decided to do something regarding this. When he began researching on farming and tourism, he discovered the idea of Agri Tourism. In 2002 he launched a concept of Agri Tourism in India. 

Interview for the Ornate Magazine

Baramati agritourism center

Agritourism Development Corporation is founded by Shri. Pandurang Taware (Father of  Agritourism India) who started new concept of agritourism in India at his own farm at Palshi tq. Baramati dist. Pune Which is 8 km away from Morgaon Ganpati              (astvinakyaka ) Where you can experience the real nature, The chirping of birds, see how real vegetable are grown on farm, how sugarcane juice get converted into fresh jaggery, Taste of fresh cane juice, play traditional games & experience  authentic food.

agritourism Changing economic condition of farmer

The agricultural sector is the backbone of the Indian economy. But the most important factor of this agricultural sector is the farmer. Is he happy? Does he get the return of their work?

The answer to many such questions is no. Under such circumstances, Pandurang Taware started working in the field of agri-tourism with a view to improving the economic conditions of farmers in Maharashtra and India.

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