International conference on Agri Tourism in Vermont

The International Conference on Agritourism will happen face to face

on August 30 – September 1, 2022,

in Burlington, Vermont, USA.

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Shri. Pandurang Taware

Led by Mr. Taware the International Workshop on Agri Tourism conference is a global network of farmers, tourism experts, researchers, educators, agricultural service providers and others interested in promoting Agri-tourism.

Join international Agritourism practitioners and professionals at the Vermont Conference from August 30 to September 1, 2022, in just Rs.600,000.

About Agri Tourism

Attracting tourists to the rural area, thereby supporting the growth of small tourism industries

Agritourism has a huge potential for expanding ranch earnings and animating the improvement of a dynamic, enhanced country economy. In many nations, ATDC has turned into an indispensable piece of the travel industry. 

The advancement of these interlinked undertakings likewise produced different advantages to country ladies networks, for example, better ecological and social mindfulness, protection of social legacy, and Agro organic variety.


Connecting Agri Tourism, farmers from across the globe to advance the industry by embracing the power of shared knowledge and experience

Shri. Pandurang Taware

(Father of Agri Tourism India)

Benefits & Reasons

to Apply

Global networking

Chance to connect with Global Farmers, Agri Tourism Experts, Researchers & Educator

International Exposure

Once in a lifetime opportunity to explore foreign Agri Tourism World

Experts Guidence

Farmers will learn from experts how to grow or improve their Agri Tourism businesses.

Pay Less, Learn More

We invite you to attend our 2022 conference, Join us at just Rs. 6 Lakh.

Awards & Recognitions

We take it

day-by-day together!

Mumbai - Departure

Washington DC - (3 Days)

Burlington (8 Days)

New York (4 Days)

Mumbai - Arrival

'Father of Agritourism' Helps Over 600 Farmers Earn Rs.58 Crore; Here’s How...

This is the victory of 52 years old Pandurang Taware, the child of an Indian farmer from Shangavi town in Baramati who presented the idea of agritourism and has helped in excess of 600+ farmers. He experienced childhood in a family where everybody was engaged with cultivating, however, he chose to concentrate on software engineering and worked in the travel industry prior to withdrawing back to his town. He needed to satisfy his dad’s fantasy by getting into agribusiness yet in addition needed to join his affection for the travel industry and that is the point at which he chose to take on agritourism. Pandurang saw the potential in the thought and presented a similar idea in India. He is otherwise called the ‘Father of Agritourism in India. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The last date to join  the conference is 30th April

Discount of ₹75,000 till 20th March

Discount of ₹50,000 if you apply from 21st to 25th March

Discount of ₹25,000 if you apply from 26th to 30th March